This website was created by agreeing with the relatively recent but well-supported argument that the Mountain Sinai previously known to exist in Egypt is not the Mountain Sinai the Bible describes, but the Mountain Al-Lawz (Gebel el-Lawz) in Arabia. Despite strict monitoring by the Saudi government, many archaeological research endeavors were undertaken. Since 1984, Ron Wyatt proved by his archaeological excavation that the Mountain Sinai in Saudi Arabia was indeed the one described in the Bible. This effort was followed by Dr. Bob Cornuke who, upon exploring this matter in depth, published two books titled The Mountain of God and Relic Quest. He had been accompanied by Larry Williams, who also published The Gold of Exodus. Not as scholars but as heroic explorers, Caldwells couple wrote The God of the Mountain. Though previously an engineer, Dr. Glen Fritz switched to the Geography major, even pursued a Ph.D., and spent long 20 years, looking for geographical, archaeological, and historical evidence for this issue and finally authored “The Exodus Mysteries of Median, Sinai & Jabal al-Lawz” and “The Lost Sea of the Exodus.” Also, Dr. Sung Hak Kim, a personal physician to the Saudi royal prince who lived in the royal palace for 16 years, explored the true Mountain Sinai in Saudi for 12 years, and he published in Korean “Tulgi Namu (The Burning Bush).” Aside from these scholars and explorers, there are numerous researchers who believe that the Mountain in Saudi is the Mountain Sinai the Bible refers to, and ‘Semapo Hodos stands in the same position.

We recognize that the debates have not been over among archaeologists. We did not create this website for those who argue that Mountain Sinai is in Egypt. Rather, we created this website for those who believe that Mountain Sinai is the one described in the Bible or those who suspect that this might be true. You have the complete freedom to leave this website if you disagree. People have the freedom to believe what they believe and act how they want to according to their beliefs as long as they do not infringe upon others’ freedom.

Semapo Hodos

Semapo Hodos is a non-profit organization founded by people who agree with the Bible's claim that Sinai Mountain is Sinai Mountain in Saudi Arabia. The name Semapo Hodos is made up of two words: "Semapo" and "Hodos."
"Semapo" is a Korean word, meaning fine linen that wrapped Jesus' body in the tomb in the Bible. The Book of Revelation states that the church, the bride of Jesus Christ, was given to wear fine linen, which stands for "the righteous acts of the saints" In another sense, "Semapo" also means "the forum facing the world". We think the attitude of facing the world while armed with the truth of the Bible, not unconditionally against the world in a world that is changing day by day, is a posture that Christians of this era should have. In that sense, the purpose of "Semapo" is to serve as an intermediary to inform Christians of changes in the world and to inform people of the truth of the Bible.

"Hodos" is a Greek word meaning "way". This name was used to project the meaning that "we will guide the way to Sinsa Mountain".

Starting in September of 2019 the Saudi Arabian government decided to issue visitor visas easily and to open Mountain Sinai to the public. Consequently, the public interest in the formerly veiled Mountain Sinai in Saudi has been increasing dramatically. ‘Semapo Hodos,’ the organizer of this travel website, entered into an official Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Saudi government and the local travel agency regarding a pilgrimage tour package in Saudi.

About NEOM Project

Photo Credit: www.neom.com

The Saudi government relies more than 70% of its budget on oil exports. However, according to the Future Outlook Report of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the use of oil will either be completely ended or significantly reduced around 2028. The Saudi government has no choice but to prepare for future measures. Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, the 34-year-old young prince who will become king, is aware of this and declares his 2030 Vision. It is to declare NEOM, an ancient Midian land area 400 times the size of Seoul, and invest $1 trillion in the area to build state-of-the-art cities suitable for the 4th Industrial Revolution. NEOM is Arabic for Neo-Mustaqbal, which means New Future. It is the world's first independent special zone that binds three regions, Jordan and Egypt, and will not be affected by Saudi Arabia's Sharia law.

For this huge project to succeed, many foreign businesses must be attracted and tourists must come to attractive cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Mount Sinai sits right in the middle of this NEOM District. In order to make NEOM an attraction, he concluded that he had no choice but to open Mount Sinai, which will become a sacred place for Christians. The Saudi government has come to an archaeological conclusion decades ago that it is a real downtown mountain. If opened, it must be a new attraction where not only Christians but also ordinary people visit. The Saudi government is preparing to fully open Mount Sinai by 2022.